We provide industry leading ECM & EDM machines.

Who are AMT?

At Advanced Machining Technologies, we offer a turnkey precision engineering consultation and design service. Our complete solution – from design and testing, to delivery and maintenance – means we gain a complete understanding of our clients’ requirements before developing an elegant solution that meets your exact needs.

Our work covers bespoke solutions across EDM, Wire EDM (spark erosion) machines and ECM, as well as STEM Drilling and Fast Hole Drilling.

Working across a range of sectors from automotive and aerospace, to medical and petrochemical, we are proud to work with and trusted by some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Cummins, Autocam and Rolls Royce.

As well as our signature consultation services we also retrofit and refurbish existing machines, supply a range of conventional EDM and ECM machines from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and we are a sub-contractor of parts.

The Gate Process

Our work covers bespoke solutions across EDM, wire EDM (spark erosion) machines and ECM, as well as STEM drilling and fast hole drilling. Using our Gate Process, we work with your business to ensure that together we can find a solution to your problems. Through consultation, design, testing, supply and maintenance, we pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end service and bringing added value to your business.


Developing the right solution begins with understanding the problem. At AMT, our consultation process is designed to ask the right questions to ensure we fully understand what you want to achieve, whether that’s through a conventional machine or a bespoke solution for a specific component or product. Our first meeting is just the beginning of the consultation process, because we understand that plans and projects change over time.


With a full understanding of your requirements, we begin our design process. We use the latest, high-powered technology and design packages, such as Solid Works and Auto Cad to create accurate designs and models. The design process involves going through numerous iterations and possibilities to make sure our final design is the most effective, efficient and accurate it can be and that it meets your needs exactly.


Once the design is complete, we begin the process of testing. Our testing process is exhaustive, taking into account every conceivable scenario. We create numerous working prototypes, running thousands of tests to ensure that, ultimately, you have a fully operational EDM or ECM machine that meets your exact requirements.


We supply the fully tested machine direct to you once the testing and prototyping stage is complete and you are satisfied. We supply both conventional machines from some of the world’s leading suppliers, such as Maxsee and Castek, and bespoke machines, engineered in-house at AMT.


We pride ourselves on our after-care service. This includes looking after your machines after they have left AMT. We carry out regular health checks to ensure they continue to perform to their maximum for many years. Our team of experts can also retrofit and refurbish existing machines giving you the flexibility to alter your production quickly and efficiently should the need arise.

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